Open versus Interested, maximizing our chances in our approach

In a training call in one of my old companies I learned something very valuable when it came to inviting people. That is the language you use when inviting people can make a difference to how they respond to your invitation. If you ask someone if they are “interested in starting a home business” for example you will probably get a “no.” If you ask that same person if they are “open to new ways of making money” you are likely to get a more positive response. Why is this? This is because people want to be “open” as it has a very positive connotation. Try changing these and see if there is a difference when your inviting guests to your home business, or network marketing business.

This one advice of business building seems to be in every type of business

Consistently approaching ten people a day is a pattern I have noticed in a lot of different businesses. When I first got into network marketing it was with a large company. My coach in that company was very good at business building and recommended I approach ten people per day. I then dropped out of that business because there were certain parts of it I didn’t like, and I entered the field of real estate. My broker then recommended I approach at least ten people a day to grow my business. That was when a light-bulb went on for me.

There is a pattern here in the advice. We don’t need to even approach ten interested people a day. It is however recommended to talk to that many people per day to achieve quick results in the business. Even if people don’t respond to what you say to them at all, this activity still counts as an approach towards your business. You could approach ten people for example and have only one or two good conversations. That would be a great momentum for working on your business. This is just one of the patterns that home business building has that is very similar with other types of businesses that I thought I would share. For me it reinforced the validations of my efforts.