Evaluating our words “I will” versus “I’ll try” and more…

Someone in my  current organization taught me a pretty valuable lesson just recently. She was at a getaway with some top leaders, and as she was brushing shoulders with some of the top of the industry they did an exercise which she recommended. The exercises were about how certain words can make us feel about the same things. They first said to say “I can’t do …” and then say something you feel you can’t do. Then see how it feels, then try saying “I won’t do…” and say what you just said you can’t do. Feel the difference? The sense of ownership makes the difference of emotion, it is more empowering to say “I won’t” than it is to say “I can’t.” It’s not externalizing the cause of why the task won’t be completed.

Then, when thinking of a goal, saying “I will” versus “I’ll try” there is also a difference of emotion linked to the ownership of the goal. Many who say they will try end up giving up which is acceptable, because after all, they were only giving it a “try.” I don’t recommend leaving yourself any outs, If saying “I will” could make the difference, why not test it for a while and see if it does?



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