“If I, would you”, a concept created by Eric Worre

Eric Worre is a very successful network marketer, and he came up with a concept called “If I would, you.” This concept works well in helping us getting people to commit to take action when we are introducing them to the product, or home business opportunity. Some examples of using “If I, would you” are below.

If I send you a video presentation, would you agree to me calling you after watching it?”

If I invite you to a presentation, would you be able to commit being there?”

If I let you try this product, would you let me call you after you try it?”

The list goes on, I’m sure you can figure out a way to use this wording with your home business presentation or products. When following up with a prospect, agree to a time that you are able to call them. This looks good, and you can do this because your time is important. You also are showing respect for them and their time as well.

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