Book Review: How to Win friends and Influence People. by Dale Carnegie.


One of the top books I have read since being involved in network marketing is “How to win friends and influence people.” I remember the feelings I had when I first read this book. I felt very enlightened and at the same time I felt a little bad about the way I treated people over the years. I was struggling with my communication and social skills, and my up-line, Corey, said,

“Aaron do you even know why so many people like me?”

I thought about it long and hard. Corey was a very charismatic person, everyone was always happy to see him and he had a lot of followers in his company he was a big earner in his company, and young as well.

I sighed and said “No”.

He then laughed,”It’s easy, people like me because I am a good listener.”

He then handed me a copy of How to Win Friends and Influence People. The book teaches the importance of listening to others and also ways in which we can positively influence and help people based upon what we are hearing.

I remember the feeling of gratitude when I realized I could change my ways, be a better listener, a better family member, and a friend to others. I could also be a larger influence on other peoples’ lives, simply¬† by paying more attention to them. It was a feeling of being empowered, by being given information to connect with people in ways I was not able to before. The key is listening. There’s a little more to it (I recommend reading the book). The next time you see someone sharp, realize they are simply implementing behavior either consciously or naturally that can be learned over time.

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