Book Review: The Four Color Peronalities for MLM, By Tom (Big Al) Shreiter

So this book is written by Tom (Big Al) Shreiter who has over 40 years of experience in network marketing. This book I believe is a must read for anybody in network marketing. The reason being, this book basically goes over four main personality types for network marketing and gives the knowledge how to explain your opportunity to all four types. The book teaches people understand things in their own individual language. People will all want to join your company for different reasons. This book condenses the reasons and explains how to share your company in a way that will appease the person’s personality. For example some people will be turned off if you start talking about the income possibilities. Other people will only want you to get to the point and want to know the bottom line income capable from your business. This book is highly critical for learning how to communicate the right points of your business without turning the other person off, or possible boring them. If I had read this book sooner, it would have saved me some time because the fact of the matter is, every presentation could be catered for the individual instead of the same one size fits all pitch.

As a business man, I assumed theĀ  majority of people thought the same as me. After reading this book I realized that the parts about network marketing helping others, making money, sharing good products, meeting new people, are all appealing and unappealing to different people, depending on who they are. I feel lucky to have leaders in the industry like Tom “Big Al” Shretter to show us how simply we can adjust our presentation and how we talk about our business opportunity in the ideal way for a specific candidate.

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